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Do you know the cell phone policy at your child's school?

When I visit schools across the country, I am consistently surprised that students, parents and even teachers are frequently unsure of the cell phone policies at their school. I have found very little information about the breakdown of school policies concerning cell phones. Wouldn't it be great if we had data on how often middle schools allow students to have cell phones with them all day? And wouldn’t it be great if we knew what policies parents want? Sadly this collective information does not exist. Cell phones in our schools is a quickly changing landscape and research does not do well under pressure, but it is still needed.Our weekly Tech Talk Tuesday newsletter is a perfect opportunity to start collecting some data on cell phone policies. I created a very short survey to ask you what policies exist at your student’s school and what policies you think would be ideal. We timed the survey and it only takes 1 minute!

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4 rules for managing tech time

Families today are busy. Often everyone is running in different directions, and texting each other under the same roof is becoming the new normal. This disconnect in personal touch is troublesome.  To keep our sanity, and our face-to-face conversations alive, my family follows four rules...

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