Vacation: time to unplug?


Tech Talk Tuesday #11
Do you unplug while on vacation?

Throughout the country spring break has just finally come to a close. But, summer vacation is coming up. What will that mean for screen time in your life? I have some rules to help my family manage screen time while on vacation. We set times that we are all going to check in otherwise we try to disconnect. 

I was recently in remote areas of Mexico with my family and it was both healing and at times distressing to be without cell service or a computer connection most of the time. I managed by setting expectations with the people I work with about when I would be able to check in and when I would be totally unavailable. 

Camps are a great opportunity for your kids to unplug. We highlight a study in Screenagers that showed that kids who unplugged and went to a nature camp for just 5 days showed a marked improvement in capacity for empathy.

Here's some questions to ask your family this week for Tech Talk Tuesday (#TTT):

Do you think we should completely unplug during vacations?

How would you feel about going to a camp that had no wifi or cell service?

Do you think parents should be able to work some during family vacations?

Are there some things you think you should be able to do on your phone or computer while on vacation? If so, what?

If there was an emergency and you didn't have a cell phone, do you have some ideas of how you might solve the problem?