To Google or not to Google

Photo by sturti/iStock / Getty Images

Tech Talk Tuesday #58: Do you interrupt conversation to Google an answer?

How many times have you or your kids pulled out a phone at dinner to quickly get the answer to a question that comes up?  Knowledge-on-demand is the norm now but I am concerned it takes away from interesting, deeper conversations and interrupts dialogue. When you don't have one answer, you are forced to generate your own ideas on the topic. Debate and quandary on a topic spurs imagination.

There are conflicting views on this subject. I interviewed a man who integrates tech into schools and he felt strongly that the students would be far more interactive when they each had a computer because they would be able to quickly look up things and then share answers in real time. I recently talked to a teacher who wasn’t a fan of instant access. He felt tense knowing that students might be looking up things and questioning him. 

Both perspectives may be true. For Tech Talk Tuesday this week let's talk about how it makes us feel to not know the answer to a question right away. Here are a few conversation starters.

  • If it is a tech free time, say dinner, should we allow phones to look up answers to our questions?
  • How are our desires for information intruding or adding to the quality of our conversations?
  • Do you ever question your teachers in class and then look up the answer while they are talking?