Let's talk about science..

Tech Talk Tuesday #27
How much do you know about the science behind modern technology?

Today we are talking about exploring science through technology. There are many ways to spark a conversation with your kids about science including watching YouTube videos together. Tessa and I like watching “How It's Made" videos. We just watched one on how natural rubber is made and the images are incredible.  And I just posted this interesting Ted Talk about using virtual reality to bring science to life in the classroom.  In Screenagers we show researchers talking about the latest science around screen time and brain development, the social science around empathy and self-esteem, and the science of parenting.

Questions to ask your kids about science this week:

  • Do you know how a computer is made? Can you name some of the parts that go into a computer?
  • Let’s each figure out how one thing works this week, something in our body, a mechanical thing we own, a computer, a phone, a camera, an airplane etc. Then, next Tuesday will you teach me what you learned? 
  • How would you design a study about multitasking?