Did you know you can learn self control?

Tech Talk Tuesday #6
What is something that each person your family feels out of control with?

I used to think the ability to have self-control was determined at birth. While making Screenagers I learned that there are a variety of strategies parents can use to improve self-control. There are studies in which parents are trained to help their kids gain self-control, and researchers are able to measure actual improvement. A key way to teach kids self-control around tech time is to set up clear guidelines: State times the child should not be on their device and then give incentives for adhering to them. Their newly learned ability to self-regulate then flows over to other areas where will-power is needed. 

So for today's TTT have a conversation with your family and get their input about self-control (some people like the term will-power better). 

What is something that each person your family feels out of control with?

Are there certain tech times that feel out of control? Texting? Snapchatting? Gaming? Gaming while doing school work? Facebook for mom and dad? Working on the computer? Shopping on the computer? Liking pictures on Instagram? Strolling through Pinterest?

Talk about how it feels when tech time seems to control you? Having conversations about the feelings will get everyone thinking about this issue and that is a huge step.

I'd love to hear how it went. Share your ideas at the top of this page.