13 NON-tech holiday gift ideas

Today I heard from a parent that their 11-year old boy just saw Screenagers for the second time and then he took the XBOX off of his Christmas list. Sometimes kids resist the message in Screenagers, but we often hear about teens that connected and were truly moved. Here are some NON-tech gift ideas for your teens this holiday season—be sure to pass this on to grandparents to get them on the same page:

  1. Experiences! Tickets to see music, a sports game.

  2. There are fun new inflatable lounges called Lamzac,

  3. Slacklines. Teens and kids alike enjoy these. They can connect this “tight-rope” line to any 2 trees or posts and create a fun game.

  4. Musical instruments.

  5. I’ve noticed that many teens are into a trivia app… which is neat… but how about encouraging that interest offline by buying a trivia deck of cards.

  6. Kitchen tools like a popsicle maker or a panini press.

  7. A real camera.

  8. Alarm clock that runs away.

  9. Book of magic tricks.

  10. Magazine subscription—getting something in the mail monthly is still a buzz for kids. I'm getting my teen a subscription to a jazz magazine.

  11. Chocolate spoons, to encourage relaxing and talking—off phones.

  12. Maybe your kids don't journal, but don't give up! This one could motivate the most reluctant of them.

  13. One of my favorite was giving my daughter a $50 to do a micro-loan on Kiva and since then we have used the return of the loan to donate to others.

Please add on to this list!