Resiliency Skills In Schools

Teacher speaking to class

Many schools are incorporating students’ social and emotional well-being into the curriculum and introducing students to skills and practical tools they can use to manage their emotions. In the film we see schools using mindfulness programs, Procedural Justice programs, Mental Health clubs in middle and high schools. The classroom is a critical place to learn and practice social and emotional skills that promote mental health. The following resources can help educators identify resources to incorporate into their classrooms.


The Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) offers research, including SEL competencies and standards, professional development learning opportunities, classroom ideas and advocacy tools to promote SEL in schools and districts across the country.

Second Step through Committee for Children is a social-emotional learning (SEL)

program designed for programs taking place out of the classroom. For example, for after-school programs, summer camps,etc…MOOD METER


The Mood Meter is part of Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence’s RULER program for integrating emotional intelligence across the school curriculum. RULER stands for recognizing, understanding, labeling, expressing, and regulating emotions, and is designed to help educators and students name emotions, identify what triggers and changes them, and find healthy ways to cope with and regulate them. The program offers professional development, classroom ideas and family engagement materials. offers resources, classroom ideas and audio files, and paid professional development training for a Mindful Teacher certification program.

Away for the Day is an initiative we started to get cell phones out of the classroom in elementary and middle schools. Research shows that elementary and middle schoolers do better with phones away during school hours. This movement is giving you—parents, teachers, school leaders, and concerned individuals—tools so that you can go to your school and help institute policies where phones are put away.

Book by Tammy Fisher, PhD, one of the school counselors in Screenagers Next Chapter: There's Always Something Going Right Second Edition: Workbook for Creating Truly Great Schools