Digitial Citizenship

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Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship Curriculum

  • Includes lesson plans, digital interactive activities and assessments
  • Professional development material for teachers
  • Materials on family education

ISTE Resources

  • International Society for Technology in Education
  • ISTE Student Standards stress the importance of being an empowered learner, digital citizen, knowledge constructor, innovative designer, computational thinker, creative communicator and global collaborator
  • They have different standards for educators, coaches, etc.
  • Offer lists of resources on how to teach digital citizenship


  • Founded in 2011, CyberWise helps parents and educators understand digital citizenship, online safety and privacy, reputation management and more so they can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely
  • They offer curriculum on on digital citizenship with an emphasis on emotional intelligence


  • Teacher, Parent and Kid Pages
  • They offer information and resources on what digital citizenship is  
  • Activities and exercises

Digital Citizenship

  • ‍The Digital Citizenship Institute is a consortium of educators working together to help navigate the digital world
  • List of the 9 themes of digital citizenship
  • Offer resources for learning more about digital citizenship


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