Digitial Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship Resources for Educators from Common Sense Education- This turnkey curriculum includes comprehensive resources for students, like lesson plans, student digital interactives, and assessments, as well as professional development for teachers and materials for family education.

Infographic: Citizenship in the Digital Age - From ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

9 Resources for Teaching Digital Citizenship - A thorough list of resources from ISTE, the International Society for Technology in Education.

Top Digital Citizenship Resources for Teachers and Parents - Founded in 2011, CyberWise helps parents and educators understand digital citizenship, online safety and privacy, reputation management, and more so they can help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.

Digizen - Information for educators, parents, carers, and young people. It is used to strengthen their awareness and understanding of what digital citizenship is and encourages users of technology to be and become responsible DIGItal citiZENS.

Edutopia's Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup - Edutopia, created by the George Lucas Educational Foundation, is a comprehensive website and online community that increases knowledge, sharing, and adoption of what works in K-12 education.

Digital Citizenship - Using Technology Appropriately - The Digital Citizenship Institute is a consortium of educators working together to help navigate the digital world.


What is digital citizenship? by Delaney Ruston, MD
Fake Identities and Real Concerns by Delaney Ruston, MD

How to tackle fake news with our kids by Delaney Ruston, MD