Have our kids seen Parent Activism in action?

Here is the paradox...there is no more motivated a force I know of than parents. We, as a tribe, care for our kids beyond words. And, yet, how often do we see parents speaking out for our children as a united front? We see student activism but where is the parent activism?  

This is a moment in time when we can come together for a major cause. Last week we launched Away For The Day, an initiative to get parents to speak up and get involved in changing cell phone policies in middle schools so phones are put away and our students can learn and socialize more productively. We received more than 2,000 pledges of support—which was great but we need to let so many other parents know.

Can you help us grow the cause? If so, please go to Away For The Day and pledge (if you haven’t already), and forward this email to 5 friends asking them to do the same. **When people pledge they also will see all the free resources.

I am a big believer in guiding change based on solid research and this initiative is indeed based on data. I am reminded of the singer, Bono, whose organization, ONE, works to reduce global poverty. Bono calls himself a “Factivist.”

Here is one example of a parent activist who contacted us to share how the website is helping him make changes:

Tom Henriod, a father of four, in Salt Lake City, UT is leading the charge to get cell phones out of the schools in his district. “I have had meaningful correspondence with the principal and assistant principal and the materials on “Away for the Day” address well their concerns associated with the difficulty of enacting a policy, namely, clear messaging about the policy to parents, faculty, administration and students as well as clear policy examples and enforcement procedures.”

For this TTT, talk with your children about ways parents work to be change makers. Here are some questions to get you started.

  • What values are the "Away For The Day" initiative based on? Such as valuing face-to-face social connection of students, valuing respect for teachers by giving them one’s attention.
  • What are some examples of how parents join forces to make change, via PTAs and other groups?
  • How has the digital revolution helped people grow good causes?