Why is Tech Talk Tuesday important?

Tech Talk Tuesday #48: How can we make the movement around TTT grow?

Screenagers came to life for two main reasons. The first: experience and science have shown us that excessive screen time can affect kids negatively. The second: the fact that there is now such an extreme pull of screens on kids, parents need support to thoughtfully help their children to have time off screens. 

Given this is the biggest parenting issue of our time, we knew that a movie is a great start but that a real movement is needed and thus we created Tech Talk Tuesday (TTT).  WE WOULD LOVE YOUR HELP TO HAVE IT SPREAD AND HELP MORE FAMILIES.

You can post it on Facebook, Twitter or email it to someone:

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TTT is all about giving ideas each week that foster ongoing calm, short conversations with between kids and their parents, teachers and their students, and others.

We have lovingly written 46 weeks of TTT thus far! Click here to browse and I bet you will find a topic you have wanted to talk with your family about but didn't yet do it. Now is a great time!

This week is about the value of TTT and how we can all help to make it grow! 

  • Discuss with your kids whether they think you argue more than talk calmly about tech time in your lives?
  • Do you have any innovative ideas that help you control your screen time?
  • Share your innovative ideas with the Screenagers team here.
  • Will you share TTT with your friends, families, workplace colleagues?