Top apps to help limit screen time for your kids

Tech Talk Tuesday #74: Top apps to help limit screen time for your kids

We've all lost track of time when using our phones. So many parents, myself included, want to make sure the screen time limits we've set are being followed by ourselves and our children. And we'd like the limits to be respected without saying "time's up" all the time. Luckily for us, there are several apps out there designed to manage screen time limits so we don't always have to. 
I've used OurPact with Tessa in the past. I could set the app to make all of the other apps disappear from her phone every night at 9 pm. OurPact would then repopulate the apps onto her phone at whatever time I programmed it to bring them back. This was especially helpful to help Tessa get in the habit of putting her phone away at bedtime. 
It can be hard to have open conversations with our kids about the importance of setting and enforcing these time limits, but success comes from involving them in the discussion.  I encourage you to talk with your family about what limits you should all set for yourselves and how much control you should each have. 
Remember Andrew from the film. He was the teenager who struggled with video game addiction. He recently told me that his Dad would install blockers and time limits without telling him or talking to him about it. He says he wished his father would have been more open about his concerns and reasons for setting limits. Andrew says if he was included in the time-limit discussion and truly understood his father's reasons, he probably wouldn't have tried so hard to get around the limits or disable the blockers. 
For this week's TTT, let's talk about ways to limit screen time: 

  • How much time do you think you spend on your favorite app each day?
  • How much time do you think is ideal?
  • Do you think it would be helpful to automatically have this app disappear at certain times?

A roundup of time-control tech and apps for phones and devices:

We have compiled a list of some popular apps that manage and set screen time limits for yourself and your family. All of the apps have at least a three-star review and have been reviewed by 50 or more users.