Text or call? What to do when.

Tech Talk Tuesday #9
When do you text? When do you call?

In Screenagers, there's a scene that shows my family talking around the dinner table about Tech Talk Tuesday. My son Chase asks "when is a good time to text versus calling someone?" So, for this week talk to your family about that issue.

My co-producer's 12-year old daughter just today was talking to her about how some people misuse texting. She was upset that a friend was saying mean things via text, things that he would never say to her on the phone.  She adamantly said that it was not bullying, it just was a mean-spirited conversation.  She saw a distinction.

Also, my co-producer talked today with a friend who runs a small firm and mentioned a client of hers who was fired via email with no notice and no apparent cause. The client  was hurt and felt this was an inappropriate way to communicate that message.

As I am writing this post, my son Chase is literally standing next to me texting and he just looked up and started talking about a girl he's interested in. I asked if he was going to ask her out via texting or in person and he said: "Of course I will do it in person because you can read their reactions more" and then he added jokingly "and then you can spend the next 3 nights trying to make sense of their response, like their tone of voice, facial expressions, body language and stuff."

Then I asked, "why not text?" And he said with a straight face "it shows confidence when you ask in person." 

So here are some questions to ask your family around the dinner table:

When do you text versus call someone?

Do you make a distinction between texting and emailing? If so, when do you do which?

Do you text someone when you are angry or do you call them?

Do you text when you are tired rather than calling?

Do you text when you have something emotionally uncomfortable to say, whether it's negative or positive?

Do you have just "text-relationships" with people?

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