Take one app off your phone

Tech Talk Tuesday #2
How much time you spend on that app for one day

Each week we will share ideas for you to talk with your family around the dinner table--and if a family dinner won't happen due to busy schedules, try a 5 minute pow wow before bed.   We'll have live chats, simple written tips, guest speakers and more coming soon.  Tech Talk Tuesdays aren't just for families--we can talk to our friends, colleagues and neighbors. 

We also want YOU to share you ideas. What do you want us to talk about?  What solutions have you come up with? What things have your tried that have failed? Please also encourage your kids to share their ideas.

This week how about talking to your family about everyone taking one app off their device for one week. Pick the one app you use the most.  It might also be fun to track how much time you spend on that app for one day and then multiply that by seven and see how much you were actually able to cut down on screen time by doing just this one thing.

For me, this would be taking the email app off my phone. If I did this, I would be forced to only correspond with people at my desk. It would help me separate my work life from my family life.