Sleep: Is this one time you can separate from your phone?

Tech Talk Tuesday #39
Does your teen sleep next to his/her phone?

A new meta analysis published in Jama Pediatrics confirmed how portable devices like cellphones and tablets are seriously affecting our children's sleep.  Sleep is one of the biggest pediatric public health issues of our time. I hear this firsthand when I ask groups in the post screening discussions "who sleeps with their cellphones their room?" Most hands in the room go up.

One of the conclusions and recommendations from this new Jama article is: "An integrated approach among teachers, health care professionals, and parents is required to minimize device access at bedtime." In other words, It takes a village to get all these screen habits changed and by talking about it regularly from all directions, change can happen.

For Tech Talk Tuesday this week let's talk about sleep and screens:

  • Do you sleep with a screen in your room? If so, which one?
  • Do you think it affects your sleep?
  • Do your friends text, Snapchat or call you at late hours? 
  • Do your friends know that they shouldn't reach out to you past a certain time? For the parents, is there a time that work texts and calls stop? How about emails?
  • What about finding one place in our home where we put all our phones and computers at night then we can quickly scan that all the devices are there when the lights go out?
  • Do you have an alarm clock that is not connected to you phone or device?