National Day of Unplugging

The morning of March 3rd until the morning of March 4th, 2017 is National Day of Unplugging. This day is designed to help people of all ages to embrace the ancient ritual of a day of rest and we are so excited that Screenagers is a co-sponsor! 

The goal of this important 24 hours is to open our eyes to how tech is so immersed in our lives. For some of us our device is like a third hand.  Starting with just this one day, we encourage you to step back get a new perspective on your tech time, by not having tech time. 

Recently, a mom emailed me after she and her daughter watched Screenagers. She wrote "My 17-year-old daughter says she was interested in how technology causes one's brain to behave in ways that we can't control.” Getting more kids to ponder these question is key. Do this day with your whole family—invite grandparents, aunts and uncles, whole classrooms, entire schools and your religious organization to join. 

I had my daughter Tessa write a bit of this TTT and this is what she wrote: 

"Who knows who you might meet if you look up during a train ride or the conversation you might have in the car with your kids while you drive them around. Read the book on your bedside table that you have been meaning to finish, try to fall asleep early and catch up on sleep. Look in a cookbook that you used to love and get inspired to cook a meal".

To sign up to be a part of the National Day of Unplugging go to >>

Delaney Ruston, MD