Mindful tech: bringing balance to your digital life

Tech Talk Tuesday #8
How to stay mindful?

This week I want to talk about mindfulness and bringing it to our technology use. In Screenagers, there's a scene where I consult with a mindfulness coach, David Levy, who specializes in mindful tech. I reached out to him after my daughter Tessa said to me, "I'm really distracted by my computer at night." 

Everyone in the family can start to bring intention and mindfulness to their technology, use whether it's for pleasure, school or work. Levy wrote a book called Mindful Tech: How to Bring Balance to Our Digital Lives. The big idea is to train your brain to bring attention and intention to what you are doing when you are using technology.   

Here are some conversation starters to help you lead a conversation with your family and to try to get them to implement these questions in their tech use this week:

How to stay mindful?

When you are looking at your email, your Instagram, your Snapchat, are you breathing? Does your neck hurt? Why are you checking it? Are you checking it to avoid doing work, homework or interacting with your family or friends? Are you toggling between several tabs?

Take a moment and notice your breath and your body when you are engaged with technology. These little mindful practices might actually reduce your time without even trying.

Keep me posted on your progress!