Do you know how much time parents spend playing video games?

Tech Talk Tuesday #45
How much time are we, the adults, spending on screens and what do our kids want from us?

    Photo by CREATISTA/iStock / Getty Images

    How much time do you, the adult, spend on screens?  This week Common Sense Media (CSM) released the results of a survey of 1800 parents that found that parents spend 7.5 hours a day of non-work time on screens, and 1.5 hours a day of work related screen time.  (Of note, if a respondent reported doing two screen things at once, such as watching TV while texting, the study counted that as two hours). Seven and a half hours is a lot, but if you include all the time parents are watching TV shows, *playing video games, doing social media, or on their phones while eating breakfast, while walking down the street, sitting on subways ... you can see how this adds up. 

    In Screenagers we raise the issue of parents as role models for the screen behaviors they want kids to have. I found it surprising that in the CSM survey 75% of parents said they think they are good role models around screen time. Over the past four and a half years of filming and now showing Screenagers, when I ask kids if they think their parents are on screens too much, they almost unanimously answer “yes.” 

    Let's focus this week’s TTT on how much time are we, the adults, spending on screens and what do our kids want from us?

    • How much time do you think I (the adult) spend on screens a day?
    • What do you think I do on screens?
    • Of the time I spend on screens, how much is that for work versus play?
    • Do you think I should count reading articles on screens in the total amount of screen time?
    • Would you like me to be less engaged in my screens?
    • *Bonus discussion question to ask your kids?  Guess what percentage of parents reported playing video games? And of those that do play, what is the average time per day? ANSWER: 61% and 2.5 hours.