Tessa's Contract

child signing screen time contract

Teen Expectations:

Having a cell phone is a privilege and will not be taken for granted.

Parents will always know the password for this phone and any app. Parents will monitor your phone regularly, including text messages, videos and apps.

Don’t call or text people if you can talk to them in person. Live in the moment, not on your phone.

Do not text, email, or say anything to someone that you would not say out loud to them or their parents.

Be kind always: online, on your phone, in person. Also, be honest.

Since the phone is permitted at school, I will use it according to their rules and consistent with the principles of this contract.  

If something happens to the phone, Tessa is responsible for the replacement costs or repairs.

Keep your private parts private. Don’t search/view/share anything you wouldn’t share at the dinner table.

If Tessa is asked to turn off/stop playing/get off phone, she will do so promptly.

If Tessa exceeds the allotted minutes and messages, she is responsible for the charges.

Remember that the Internet is forever. You will be tempted to do something questionable or risky. Know that what you do on the Internet can impact your life today and well into the future. Don’t do it.  If you don’t want to explain it to a stranger, your grandparents or future boss, don’t do it.

Specific Usage

  • Tessa will not use her phone during mealtimes and focused family time.
  • When it comes to doing homework it is about working together to find study habits that foster focused concentration/attention span so to improve the quality of work done. Currently Tessa will put her phone in the other room while she studies for 20 to 30 minutes and then she can enjoy a 10 minute phone break.  
  • The phone may be used in the morning but she is expected to be ready for school (breakfast eaten and cleaned up, room clean, teeth brushed).
  • She may use the phone responsibly at any time, but every weekday put the phone away at 9:45 pm.
  • Weekends it is expected that Tessa will have periods of one to two hours when she is not on her phone. Sometimes we may have family days without phones.

You will make mistakes and there will be consequences. The standard consequence will be loss of use of the phone the following day.  

Parent Expectations:

We will respect Tessa’s privacy when she is talking or texting on the phone.

If we have a concern, we have the right to read text messages or review call logs without telling Tessa first—but our goal is to always have Tessa in the driver’s seat when we look at her social media.

We will pay the standard monthly fee for the cell phone.