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One Family’s Weekly Unplugging Ritual

We are doing episodes on ways families experiment with having specific times for more togetherness and less screen interference. Today’s show is with Tiffany Shlain and her daughter, Odessa. Tiffany is the founder of the Webby Awards, a filmmaker, and the author of the book 24/6. The podcast explores her family’s weekly ritual of unplugging Friday night to Saturday evening for “Tech Shabbat.” Tiffany and Odessa explain the what, why, and how of their weekly practice.

episode notes

The meal Tiffany’s family has each week for their Tech Shabbat:

The appetizers are: hummus dip, Baba Ganoush dip, Tzatziki dip, crackers, carrots, and watermelon radishes. The main course is roasted chicken, honey roasted squash, and a big salad. Dessert is usually store-bought cookie dough ice cream.