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How Media Is Fueling A Risky Sexual Practice Among Teens

In today’s episode, Dr. Delaney Ruston talks with author Peggy Orenstein about a media-fueled risky sexual practice that is happening among some teens today — choking, also called sexual strangulation. Orenstein, who has spent many years researching sexuality among youth for her books “Girls and Sex” and “Boys and Sex,” investigated the topic of sexual choking for a New York Times article that was published last month. Today, Orenstein shares some of her findings from that investigation, including the influence of pornography and other media on this new trend. What are the psychological and physical risks of this practice? And what are ways to have productive conversations with young people on this and related topics? This episode also includes a 19-year-old discussing her concerns about sexual choking. This episode is intended for adult audiences.

episode notes

Featured Expert

Peggy Orenstein

Research References

The Troubling Trend in Teen Sex -New York Times Article by Peggy Orenstein

What is rough sex, who does it, and who likes it? Findings from a probability sample of US undergraduate students (Archives of Sexual Behavior)

Additional Links 

Yes Your Kid: What Parents Need to Know about Today’s Teens and Sex, by Debby Herbenick

Sex, Teens, and Everything in Between,  by Shafia Zaloum

Want Me by Tracy, by Clark Flory

Girls and Sex, by Peggy Orenstein 

Boys and Sex, by Peggy Orenstein

Time Code

00:00 Introduction to the Screenagers Podcast

00:17 The Shocking Reality of Choking in Sexual Encounters Among Youth

01:18 Mainstream Media's Role in Normalizing BDSM and Choking

02:02 Insightful Conversation with Peggy Ornstein on Sexual Strangulation

05:42 The Alarming Data on Choking Among College Students

07:42 The Influence of Media and Social Media on Sexual Behavior

13:24 Addressing the Risks and How to Talk About Them

20:56 Empowering Youth to Speak Out and Advocate for Safety

24:12 Concluding Thoughts and Resources for Challenging Conversations

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