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How to Address the Hardest Screen Time Parenting Dilemmas

In this episode, Dr. Ruston tackles some of the thorniest screen time parenting issues with social worker Charlie Appelstein. Appelstein is the author of the popular book No Such Thing As A Bad Child. Using the framework of strength-based parenting, they explore strategies to help when youth break screen time rules and lie. They talk about creating fair consequences and what to do when teens are overly dismissive and mean to their parents. With over 40 years of working with youth and parents, Appelstein has a wealth of effective interventions at his fingertips.

episode notes

Featured Expert

Charlie Appelstein, MSW

Time code of the episode

00:04 Introduction

01:15 Understanding Strength-Based Parenting

02:14 Applying Strength-Based Parenting in Real-Life Scenarios

02:38 Addressing the Issue of Chores and Screen Time

05:10 The Power of Positive Reinforcement

06:12 Dealing with Adolescent Anger and Separation

09:03 Setting Boundaries and Consequences

21:21 Understanding and Addressing Lying

25:57 Conclusion: The Power of Reframing and Strength-Based Parenting

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