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How Our Own Trauma Impacts Our Parenting

How can the big and little “t” traumas parents have experienced in their lives negatively impact their parenting around screen time? In this episode, Dr Ruston engages in a profound conversation with therapist Dr. David Johnson, who was the CEO of one of Seattle’s leading mental health providers, Navos, and has 48 years of experience in individual and family therapy. Dr. Johnson provides a unique perspective on common ways past traumas show up in parent-child struggles, whether over video gaming, social media, or other areas. Dr. Ruston courageously opens up about how some of her past traumas impacted her parenting. Throughout the episode, Delaney and David offer listeners many strategies to help prevent their past adversities from sabotaging their current parenting efforts. This episode is intended for adult audiences.

episode notes

This episode is intended for adult audiences.

Featured Expert

David Johnson Ed.D LMHC

Show Notes:

00:00 Introduction: The Impact of Parental Trauma on Parenting

01:16 Meet Dr. David Johnson: Insights on Trauma and Parenting

02:10 Understanding Trauma: Definitions and Effects

04:57 Trauma Responses and Their Impact on Behavior

08:15 Screen Time Conflicts: Analyzing Parental Reactions

10:41 The Power of Insight and Intention in Overcoming Trauma

27:58 Family Dynamics and Counseling: Strategies for Healing

30:32 Conclusion and Invitation to Engage

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