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How Much Do We Really Know About Teen Vaping?

On today's episode of The Screenagers Podcast, Dr. Delaney Ruston dives into the world of teens, vaping, and the cunning tactics e-cigarette companies use on social media. We'll uncover the health hazards of vaping, examine how influencers glamorize it, and we will expose deceptive marketing strategies. Joining me are Dr. Pam Ling and Rob Jackler, featured in my latest film, Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Age. They shed light on vaping's dangers and the industry's slick ploys to lure in young people. I also discuss how to empower our youth to see through these manipulations and protect themselves from the vaping industry's grasp.

episode notes

00:04 Introduction to the Podcast

00:10 Understanding the Vaping Industry and Its Influence on Teens

00:36 The Role of Social Media in Promoting Vaping

01:55 The Misconceptions about Vaping and E-cigarettes

03:22 The Dangers of Vaping and E-cigarette Chemicals

06:09 The Deceptive Marketing Strategies of Vaping Companies

07:47 The Impact of Influencer Marketing on Vaping

11:50 Activism and Its Role in Combating Vaping

14:57 The Role of FDA and Regulatory Loopholes

19:54 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Research References

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