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How Does Our Digital Age Impact Teen Weed Use?

In this episode of The Screenagers Podcast, Dr. Delaney Ruston explores the complex issue of weed use among teenagers in today's digital world. The discussion delves into how cannabis is portrayed and often glamorized on social media and the potential risks this poses to young people, including addiction and mental health concerns. The episode also sheds light on the cannabis industry’s lack of stringent regulation and the dangers of high THC products. Importantly, Dr. Ruston offers practical strategies for parents to engage in effective and meaningful conversations with their teens about cannabis use.

episode notes

Research References

Potency levels of regulated cannabis products in Michigan 2021–2022  (Journal of Forensic Sciences) 

Recent rapid decrease in adolescents’ perception that marijuana is harmful, but no concurrent increase in use  (Drug and Alcohol Dependence)

Acute Mental Health Symptoms in Adolescent Marijuana Users (JAMA Pediatrics)


Featured Experts

Sharon Levy, MD

Pam Ling, MD


Additional Links

Recovery support in general 

Marajuana anonymous


Time code of the episode

00:04 Introduction to the Podcast

00:38 Teenagers' Perspective on Cannabis and Social Media

01:53 The Intersection of Cannabis Use and Screen Time

02:28 Medical Misconceptions about Cannabis

03:59 Personal Stories of Cannabis Use and Mental Health

04:19 The Risks of Cannabis Use for Mental Health

05:47 The Reality of Cannabis Addiction

09:26 The Impact of High THC Concentration in Cannabis

11:28 The Role of Vaping in Cannabis Use

12:33 The Need for Regulation in the Cannabis Industry

16:11 Strategies for Talking to Teens about Cannabis

18:52 Seeking Help for Cannabis Addiction

21:19 Personal Strategies for Decreasing Cannabis Use

22:27 Conclusion and Acknowledgements

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