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A Teen Run Instagram Account Shook a School and the Lessons Learned

In this episode of The Screenagers Podcast, Dr. Delaney Ruston interviews journalist Dashka Slater about her new book, Accountable, where she writes about the true story of a social media account run by a small group of teens who posted racist memes. The account spread quickly and got edgier as it went. The book follows the account’s profound effect on the teens, friends, and high school. Dr. Ruston's interview with Slater dives into issues like what compels teens to do things they know are out of bounds, such as acts of racism, the difference between guilt and shame, and transformative justice. Slater discusses methods of communicating with children about preventing doing such acts, and Dr. Ruston provides strategies for them to use when they encounter friends who do, and shares advice for parents and teens on dealing with the repercussions of online racism and the complexities of forgiveness and empathy.

episode notes

Here is a link to Dashka Slater’s website, where you can find a link to her book and much more.

Here is Slater’s Substack, where she has lesson plans, too.

00:04 Introduction and Overview

01:04 The Epidemic of Online Racism

01:43 Unveiling the Story of 'Accountable'

02:42 The Impact of Racist Online Activities

03:01 The Discovery and Consequences of the Racist Account

08:34 The Role of Video Games in Promoting Offensive Language

10:10 The Creation and Spread of the Racist Account

11:35 The Bystander Effect and Group Dynamics

18:52 The Impact on the Victims

21:38 Understanding Different Types of Justice

24:56 The Role of Restorative Justice in Schools

44:43 The Power of Forgiveness and Healing

47:11 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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