Away for the day

Our campaign to stop phone use in schools

Research shows that kids and teens do better with phones away during school hours. This movement is giving you — parents, teachers, school leaders, and concerned individuals — tools so that you can go to your school and help institute policies where phones and smartwatches are put away all day at school.

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Who believe that schools should require cell phones TO be off and Put away for the day in places like lockers.

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All we ask is for a simple pledge of support. By gathering a large number of pledges we aim to show to schools, districts, policy and law makers, just how large support is for keeping personal tech away for the day in schools.

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Visit the website

The Away For The Day website is the home of our campaign and is full of information, research, tools, testimonials and much more.

Parents can find everything they would need to advocate to their school for Away For The Day policies, and schools can learn more from the testimonials and examples from other schools on how to bring a policy like this to their community.

Visit The Website