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Let's talk about science..

Tech Talk Tuesday #27
How much do you know about the science behind modern technology?

Today we are talking about exploring science through technology. There are many ways to spark a conversation with your kids about science including watching YouTube videos together. Tessa and I like watching “How It's Made" videos. We just watched one on how natural rubber is made and the images are incredible.  And I just posted this interesting Ted Talk about using virtual reality to bring science to life in the classroom.  In Screenagers we show researchers talking about the latest science around screen time and brain development, the social science around empathy and self-esteem, and the science of parenting.

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The new summer camp anxiety: Unplugging Angst

Tech Talk Tuesday #23
If you were to unplug for a week how do you think that would make you feel?

This summer there are many opportunities for kids to be plugged in, but also many are getting the unique experience of unplugging because they are going to away to camps or in day camps that don't allow devices. There was a study done out of UCLA that shows that children who spend even 5 days without their devices, in tech-free camps, have restoration of the capacity for empathy.

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Not all screen time is created equal

Tech Talk Tuesday #21
What are your go-to passive screen time distractions?

If your child’s life has included a Minecraft phase, you know what I’m talking about. There’s the beginner level of the game that you play, walking from place to place collecting resources for survival, and there are the deeper levels, that can include creating entire neighborhoods to programming your own action sequences and building tools that you make available to other players.

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