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A vacation from notifications: Try turning off notifications on a summer trip

Tech Talk Tuesday #25
If you and your family don't want to unplug for your vacation, how
about just turning off notifications instead?

According to a Gallup Poll, 70% of teens check their phone
several times an hour. We know that is true for many adults too. Constant notifications from social sites, texts and more play a big part in this compulsion. 

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Is a screen your favorite housemate?

Tech Talk Tuesday #22
Do you ever feel like you’re competing with a screen when you try to get a family member’s attention for a conversation?

It’s morning. You are snuggled under the covers, your eyes open, your brain registers that it’s a new day. Is your first interaction with the world an in-person one -- “Good morning, honey” – or a screen one – a text, FB post, or news and traffic update — quick, before anyone in the house says ‘hello’? How about for your kids?



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Not all screen time is created equal

Tech Talk Tuesday #21
What are your go-to passive screen time distractions?

If your child’s life has included a Minecraft phase, you know what I’m talking about. There’s the beginner level of the game that you play, walking from place to place collecting resources for survival, and there are the deeper levels, that can include creating entire neighborhoods to programming your own action sequences and building tools that you make available to other players.

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How often do you check your phone?

Tech Talk Tuesday #16
Do you check your too much?

If you’re like me, you’ve become pretty attached to your device. I check it to find out where I need to be today, to text my friends and kids, to find out what’s up at the office, to record an idea I want to follow up on later … it is my portable office! I am working and parenting! I need to be updated all the time! 

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