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4 Tips for creating a screen-time contract for the new year

As summer break nears its final days and I see the fall frenzy of school-and-everything-else schedules coming my way, I am preparing for the transition.  Amidst considerations around supplies, extracurriculars, transportation, and meals is of course…managing screen time.

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Multitasking: friend or foe?

Tech Talk Tuesday #20
Do you multitask?

Check your phone while driving? 56% of parents say they do. Check your device during conversations with your family? 77% of parents say their teens do and 41% of teens say their parents do. Listen to music while doing homework? Browse online and text friends while watching tv? Check and respond on multiple screens and devices at once?

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Did you know you can learn self control?

Tech Talk Tuesday #6
What is something that each person your family feels out of control with?

I used to think the ability to have self-control was determined at birth. While making Screenagers I learned that there are a variety of strategies parents can use to improve self-control. There are studies in which parents are trained to help their kids gain self-control, and researchers are able to measure actual improvement. A key way to teach kids self-control around tech time is to set up clear guidelines: State times the child should not be on their device and then give incentives for adhering to them. Their newly learned ability to self-regulate then flows over to other areas where will-power is needed. 

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