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Hooked: How do media companies keep us glued?

I just returned from Australia where I was rolling out Screenagers. All over the country, I heard exactly the same questions and concerns I’ve heard in the U.S. and in other countries:  Why are we so glued to our devices and what is excessive screen time? A new book called Irresistible by Adam Alter looks at why everyone seems to be is so entranced by screens.

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Gaming Internet Addiction Test

Do you want to take a survey to see if you or your child has an internet addition? In Screenagers we follow a college kid named Andrew who drops out of college because he is addicted to playing video games. His addiction to video games takes over and he games until the middle of the night and stops doing his school work. His mom takes this survey below and realizes that Andrew is  addicted to video games. Andrew's family ends up putting him in an internet rehab center to recover. Click here to take the test.

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