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With the gradual return to "normal" and brighter days ahead for us all, the themes explored in our movies are more relevant to both kids and parents than ever.

BOOK YOUR EVENT BEFORE  JUNE, 12th, 2021, to access a range of exclusive additional benefits including

  • $100 discount on all advanced bookings

  • Book now - host & pay when you are ready

  • Extended license - host 2 screenings for one price

  • Additional resources on post Covid recovery

  • Extra Guidance for running safe in-person & online events

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screenagers event ticket
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Summer 2021 offer


As the world continues to recover from Covid-19, the damaging effects of extended isolation on our kid's screen time habits, relationships with technology and overall mental health are becoming more and more apparent.

Our movies have educated and helped over 10,000+ hosts, and 5,000,000+ viewers worldwide address these challenges by bringing their communities together for movie screenings and discussion events.

Our message has never been more relevant or important, so book your event before June 12th, 2021, to access additional benefits for hosts looking to run Screenagers events for their schools, communities, groups, workplaces and more.

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$100 discount on all advanced bookings - Make an inquiry for full details on our pricing, this time limited discount and further special discounts for those looking to book multiple events

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Book now, host when you are ready - Book your event now to take advantage of these time limited benefits. Keep full flexibility to host your event at a time when social distancing restrictions allow, or switch to an online event at no extra cost

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Extended 2 screening license - To allow for more social distancing for in-person events, book your event before June 12th, 2021 and your license will allow an additional second screening event, so you can run 2 smaller events rather then one large one

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Additional content on post Covid recovery - Available as an addendum to your movie screening or as a separate resource to share with your community, join Screenagers filmmaker/physician Delaney Ruston, MD as she discusses post-Covid screen time recovery strategies

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Extra guidance for running safe events - Our team are experienced in helping hosts run engaging and impactful events and are now ready to offer you additional advice on how to safely run in-person events as social distancing restrictions begin to ease

Our movies

screenagers: Growing up in the digital age

An award-winning film that probes into the vulnerable corners of family life and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games and academics. The film offers solutions on how we can help our kids navigate the digital world.

screenagers next Chapter: uncovering skills for stress resilience

High Stress, Anxiety and Depression are experienced by millions of young people. We follow physician and filmmaker, Delaney Ruston, as she discovers solutions for improved adolescent well-being in the digital age.

Funding Support for US schools

Amongst a range of financial measures to support the national recovery from Covid-19, both the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and the CARES act, include significant financial support for schools to mitigate against the negative impact on the education of our kids.

Our 1,000s of US School hosts regularly screen our movies as part of their wider Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) and mental health programs. Many have told us of their intention to use these available funds to cover the cost of future events and continue to support important SEL and mental health activities.

While we can't offer specific guidance on how to use the available funds, we would encourage prospective US School hosts to speak with their administration, district and state educators - and to learn more about the use of these funds here (ARP) and here (CARES)

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Event Testimonials

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The support from the Screenagers team was great! Thank you for the amazing film and work to help us put on our first successful virtual event!

Waltham Partnership for Youth

As a parent of three, I appreciated learning the science behind why these devices and the apps my kids use are so addicting. I really appreciate Screenagers work in highlighting this very important issue.

Notre Dame Academy

As a middle school counselor, I've had the opportunity to view Screenagers 4 times and I still find it engaging. The scenarios are real which keeps the viewing interesting.

Bailey Middle School

Screenagers is so well done that it will be the go-to documentary on this topic for decades. Every family must see it, even if they feel technology is not disrupting their family and their kids relationships.

Montgomery County Council of PTAs

This film is a wonderful jumping off point for deep discussions with our students and community.

Lycee Francais de New York

My intention for planning this screening was to increase community awareness and engage in meaningful dialogue. Both were accomplished. Thank you!

Multicare Eatonville Clinic

Thank you for Screenagers for the flexibility to share this event with our community during COVID-19

Holy Spirit Catholic School

During COVID 19, this was a creative way to connect with our audience of parents and teens and help address some of the anxiety they are facing right now.

Kent County Prevention Coalition

our events

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in-person events

For over 5 years, our team have helped more than 10,000 hosts worldwide run In-Person screening events for our movies. We offer hosts the flexibility to run any type of event they want, from a fully ticketed, movie theatre style event — through to smaller, community group or classroom screenings. Reach out to our team today with your requirements!

Make an inquiry to us using the form below, letting us know your requirements

Our team will send you the full details of running an In-Person event and pricing, including our time limited discounts, working with you to create the perfect event

Once booked, we will give you access to event marketing templates, event moderator guides and an online ticketing system if required — plus keep flexibility to change the event of your date as Covid restrictions ease

For your event we will set up a secure, private, online link for you to stream the movie in HD to your attendees — plus book during this time limited period to host a second event within 7 days of the first

For those booking during this time limited offer - access to an additional movie addendum where filmmaker/physician Delaney Ruston, MD will discuss post-Covid screen time recovery strategies

You are free to run your events how you wish, but a typical event runs — 1, Short welcome to your guests. 2, Movie Screening (63-67 mins). 3, Follow on discussion / Q&A session (using the guides we provide) - Our team are ready to offer additional advice to you on how to safely host your events considering Covid restrictions

At every step of the way, our team will be available to you to answer any questions and ensure you have the best possible event!

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online events

Introduced in 2020, our online events are great for when gathering in person isn’t so easy, or the community you serve are located far and wide! Our team help you to deliver a full event experience online, with guest registration, online discussion sessions, follow on resources and, of course, a high quality, secure screening of our movies!

Make an inquiry to using the below form, letting us know your requirements

Our team will send you the full details of running an Online event and pricing, including our time limited discounts, working with you to create the perfect package

There are 2 main online event types — Live online events and On-Demand events

On-Demand - For your event, you have a 2 week period where your guests can login and watch the movie at a time convenient to them. We recommend you run a follow on discussion/Q&A session towards the end or after your event period

Online Live Event - This mimics our In-Person events. Our team set up and manage an online webinar for you to happen at a specific time. Guests log on securely and we run the technology while you introduce the event, screen the movie and run the interactive online discussion/Q&A with your guests

For those booking during this time limited offer - access to an additional movie addendum where filmmaker/physician Delaney Ruston, MD will discuss post-Covid screen time recovery strategies

At every stage, our team are there to take care of the technical aspects, so you can focus on running a great event for your guests!

Screenagers Movie Poster

screenagers: growing up in the digital age

Screenagers Next Chapter Movie Poster

Screenagers Next Chapter: Uncovering skills for stress resilience

Who can host a screenagers event?

Anyone! We made our movies specifically to be screened at community events, to promote learning and discussion amongst families and peer groups. If you have the community or audience, then whether In-Person or Online, our team help hosts every day to run successful and engaging events!

Book before June 12th, 2021 to access a range of additional benefits for hosts

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Church Screengers Event
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...and many more!

Event Testimonials

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The movie opened up a dialog between parents and their teens and helped both see the perspectives of one another related to technology and relationships.

The Upper Room

The film was able to open the door for families to discuss the ideas of mental health and what they can do to support their teens.

Yellow Door Coaching

So many practical ideas and tools for parents on how to support and love their children throughout their lives.

Cresthill Middle School

This film is great for everyone to see, yes our kids but also caregivers. I can't wait share it again.

Youth Service Bureau

I would recommend this documentary to anyone of all ages - so informative and relevant with the struggles of today.

Lake Babine Nation

Screenagers provides not only well researched and relevant content, it is a wonderful organization to work with.

Centennial Covenant Church

We were so thrilled to see both adults and teens in our audience for the screening. Truly an important discussion to have with the teens in our lives.

Perkins School

screenagers events faq's

How much lead time do I need between booking and hosting a screening? 

For both In-Person and Online events we recommend a minimum of 3-4 weeks. This is to allow you enough time to publicize your event. Please let us know during the booking process if you need a sooner screening and our team will try to support your request.

Can I organize multiple screening events for my school district of community? 

Yes and we offer reduced license rates for running multiple events and screenings. 

As an In-Person event host, how many times can I show the Movie(s)?

A Screenagers license is for a single community screening for an audience size suitable for your venue. For schools only, the license also includes a single daytime screening for students and staff. Book your event during this time limited offer and your license will allow you to host a second community screening within 7 days of the first - to allow the option for smaller events and social distancing to happen.

For In-Person events what kind of venue do I need to host a screening? 

You only need a space large enough to fit your audience, along with the relevant screening equipment (i.e. large display, projector, cinema screen, etc.) Most hosts use a school gym or auditorium, church, community centre or library meeting space. Some make arrangements with a school theatre or local commercial film theatre. Hosts are encouraged to research and consider the current social distancing and Covid-safety requirements and our team are available to offer you the current best practice in relation to hosting your event.

Can I charge for tickets to my event?

Yes. You can set a ticket price at any amount you choose and of course you can offer free attendance to your event. Something in the region of $5-10 is common where our hosts choose to charge for tickets and we will set up a free RSVP and ticketing website for you to offer to guests. 

Who facilitates post film discussions at a screening event? How does this work for online events? 

For both In-Person and Online events we highly recommend having a post film discussion with your audience immediately following the film. Most organisers choose a person from their own community to lead the discussion — we provide a moderator guide to support this. The guide contains facts from the film, and suggested discussion questions. Some hosts invite a panel of local experts to answer questions. Additionally, we have a roster of counselors and others who speak at events for $250 for an online event and inquire about the fee for an in-person event. ALSO, Screenagers filmmaker Delaney Ruston, MD. is available to book for a fee to lead the discussion and answer questions at your event. 

For online “Live” events our technical team will run your webinar for you. The discussion session can have up to 6 panelists and guests can ask questions online and take part in interactive polls. This service is an extra $300.

For an online “On-Demand” event we recommend you make use of a platform like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, to facilitate your session but you must use our platform to run the actual movie. The use of our platform to run our movie for on-demand events is included in the licensing cost.

Should parents bring children to see Screenagers? What ages are appropriate? 

Our hope is that parents and children all see this film either together or separately (If your school hosts a school day student screening for example). We generally recommend Screenagers for children in 5th grade (age 10) and up. We believe every family and community should make their own decisions around this, considering the film’s documentary style, length and content. We recommend kids 6th grade and up to watch Screenagers NEXT CHAPTER.

I just want to screen this to a small group / in a classroom setting? Is an event suitable for me? 

Yes - please get in touch via our inquiry form and we can provide you with details and fees for screening our movie(s) in this format. 

Do the films come with Subtitles?

Yes, we have many subtitle language options available for the movies. Please let us know your requirements during the booking process. 

What technical requirements are there for guests attending online events?

Your guests will need a device with a web browser and an internet connection (e.g Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet). If they can watch a YouTube video on their device then they will be able to attend and watch a Screenagers online event. 

"Summer 2021" offer T&Cs

The benefits detailed above as part of this offer are time limited and offered to hosts who book their event prior to the end of June 12th, 2021 (PST). We reserve the right to amend or extend the benefits and qualifying period of this offer at any time.

This offer is available to all inquiring hosts worldwide, however we make no representations or guarantees in relation to available funding or grants mentioned here or elsewhere (i.e. ARP, CARES act) and details included here are for informational purposes only.

The aforementioned "movie addendum" will be made available from 1 August 2021.

Rights offered in relation to booking now and changing your event date / host when you are ready, extend for a maximum of 12 months post the point you book your event.

In-Person hosts who choose to avail their right to host a second event as part of the "extended license" under this offer must host the second event within 7 days of their first event. This is offered in good faith for hosts to run 2 smaller events to allow for social distancing.

These T&Cs are not exhaustive and do not impact your statutory rights - for further questions in relation to this offer please contact

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Fill out the form below for more information about hosting a screening event and details of this time limited offer. You can always call us at, 415-450-9585

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